Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Amityville House

Long Island
New York

Basic Information:

This wouldnt be a New York hauntings blog without having one of the most famous unexplained accounts in the country on it. The house resides at 112 Ocean Ave, Amityville, New York and has created controversy for decades. The infamous house was build around 1924 for John Moynihan. Several decades later, the Defeo family moved into the house. On the night of November 13, 1974, the oldest son named Ronnie Jr. supposivly went insane. He used a rifle to shoot every member in his family while they were sleeping. He later told officials that a person "with black hands" gave him the gun and told him to kill his family otherwise he would do the same to him. Defeo still inhabits a cell in Green Haven Correctional Facility in Dutchess County, NY. On December 1975, the Lutz family moved into the house with an even lower pricetag. Even though its above what they can afford, and even though they also were told about the murders, they still agreed to move into the house. Over the course of the month they spent in the house, they experienced a terrible haunting. At first, the sourceless noises in the house seemed normal. But after Christmas, scrapping and banging began. Each family members personalities changed. George Lutz became constantly cold and became obsessed with keeping the fireplace going. Flies infested a room that a priest was asked to come bless, young missy started talking to an imaginary friend named Jodie. Lutz also claims that he awoke at 3:15 almost every day which was around the same time that the DeFeo's were believed to have been murdered at. After only 28 days after they moved in, the Lutz family fled the house, leaving their clothes in the closets, and food in the refrigerator. They believed if they hadn't left that something horrible would've happened. Today, people still live in the house which now has a different front and number, but the families live in peace there.


The legend of the Amityville house is two-fold. The first legend that started it all, was the legend that the house was built on an ancient indian burial ground. People believed that on the site of the house, the indians would kill people and make sacrifices. They put a curse on the land which made its way into the house once it was built on the property decades later. Its believed that the spirit possessed Ronnie DeFeo to make him kill his family. The second legend is the legend that the DeFeo families spirits still roam the house. Their restless spirits try to warn people of the evils in the house. Such as young Missy's 'imaginary' friend named Jodie. Of course there is still a lot of controversy about wether or not the hauntings that happened in the Amityville house where real or a hoax.

News Reports:

August 24, 2000 - Facts surrounding the "Amityville Horror House"


IRONMAN said...

i haerd alot of stuff about that house has been disclaimed like the bleeding walls

eric said...

look towards the bottom right corner. Therez a woman there. It's said to be that alot of racism and k.k.k took place in northern America. i take alot of interest in this stuff.

fa4twenty said...

my dad used to work at Green Haven Correctional facility.. never mentioned defeo.. i should ask im

capeceholly said...

I just just watched the movie THE AMITYVILLE HAUNTING greattttttttt movie although the kids were a bit scared I loved it!